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The AGLC Academy is where we host our professional learning solutions.

In addition, All of our professional learning programmes are available as SCORM or TinCan learning objects for hosting within your own learning system if you prefer.

All our professional learning products share the following features:

  • All accessible on the platform of your choice: Windows and Mac computers, IOS and Android tablets, Phablets and phones
  • Highly interactive with a strongly visual learning style
  • Knowledge assessments and progress tracking built in
  • Accompanied by tools to enable to apply the learning in your business to achieve a real return on your investment and gain a competitive advantage

PAS 7100: 2018, the code of practice on consumer product safety related recalls and other corrective actions

Training for PAS 7100The training provides an introduction for businesses to understand and implement PAS 7100: 2018, the code of practice on consumer product safety related recalls and other corrective actions.

Businesses can use this code of practice to:

— Help them manage any product safety incidents
— Reduce the harm caused by such incidents to themselves and their customers
— Reduce the likelihood and size of potential financial penalties under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005
— Gain competitive advantage and business opportunities by reducing risk for potential customers

Why do you need a code of practice to manage product safety incidents?

You probably think it won’t happen to you.

-He does
-Whirlpool did,
-So did the residents of Grenfell Tower
-But what would you do if it did?

GDPR 2.0 aka the 2018 Data Protection Act

Training for GDPR LeadsTraining for Users of personal information

Now that GDPR has been introduced across Europe, we have taken the opportunity to update our learning to reflect the evolving nature of the GDPR.

Our programme comes in two flavours: the first is for Data Protection leaders, which covers the full range of GDPR articles.

We also have a simpler version aimed at all your staff. Your data protection is only as strong as your weakest link!