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The 99p Skill Shop is designed to provide you with the skills attitudes and behaviours that employers say are not provided by conventional courses. The 99p Skill Shop is underpinned by a distinctive learning philosophy, a learning pathway and a set of criteria for delivery.

In the 99p Skill Shop, you can buy sets of 5 or 6 2 minute training animations to develop a key skill area, for just 99p! The animation films designed to be watched anywhere, any time and on any type of mobile Device.

It shares many common features with its sister site, campusforlife.com. However, it is designed to be accessed by individual learners.

Its distinctive features include:
• A learning model optimised for the development of skills, attitudes and behaviours.
• An approach to learning which guides the learner down a distinctive pathway
• An emphasis on visual learning, showing to be highly effective and well suited to delivery over mobile devices
• An approach optimised for delivery in intensive 2 minute blocks, well suited to delivery over mobile devices and today’s hectic lifestyles
• A Technology platform designed to be accessible via as many types of device as possible
• Inclusive iconography, language, metaphors and narrative actively seeking to avoid barriers which might exclude people on the grounds of gender, race, faith or sexuality.

Watch our trailer animations below to find out more about our philosophy of learning, our pathway to learning and the ways in which we deliver our learning.

Watch our short intro to our philosophy of learning

Watch our short intro to our pathway to learning

Watch our short intro to our delivery of learning