About us


AGLC has been set up to exploit the intellectual property resulting from 20 years of work in informatics, change management and management systems. We often work with partner organisations such as Kids Health Matters CIC, and develop software solutions for sale with partners such as Global Pharmaceutical Apps Ltd , and employ associates who are experts in their own field and have worked with us before.

Previously, these applications have included innovation management, quality management, equality and diversity and an introduction to management delivered by elearning which was developed for a third party, accredited by the ILM and exported to the US as well as sold in the UK market. Most recently we developed mentoring applications for Perform Learn Develop Ltd, which sold to a range of professional bodies including The Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Chartered Management Institute, The Institute of Civil Engineering and the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Alan Gillies (Learning Consultancy) Ltd, the company behind the AGLC brand was established in October 2010: to date, it has been focused on generating sales from consultancy and publishing whilst developing new products built around an online platform which is both highly platform agnostic and accessible. All new AGLC products are designed to provide a high quality user experience for the widest possible range of users using the widest range of technological platforms, including IOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Windows tablets, phones and PCs and Mac computers.

My biggest recent client has been Regulatory Delivery, part of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, where I have deploying new methods to help regulators define their markets using powerful information management techniques and existing data sources.

The Legal Stuff

AGLC is the trading name of Alan Gillies (Learning Consultancy) Limited.

Alan Gillies (Learning Consultancy) Limited is a limited company registered in the UK (Reg No 07409872) registered for VAT (VAT Registration Number:192087884), and registered with the information commissioner’s office for the processing of personal information.

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